Reflecting on September 11…..Life, Love, and Remembrance

This Friday, as a nation and as individuals, we will share a heavy anniversary on September 11. Today, I want to share how proud I am to be in business with all of you. How happy I am to be a part of our larger REALTOR network through our co-brokers and our associations. How lucky I consider all of us to be in a country where people are free to own property, or lease property wherever they choose. A country where we are free to pursue the careers of our choosing, the hobbies of our choosing, and enjoy the Freedoms we have (which have come at such a precious cost).

In some ways, the events of September 11, 2001 feel like they happened a lifetime ago. As we recovered over the years, and developed scar tissue over the wounds inflicted, a distance of time and space occurred. Although there are times when it feels so fresh, so real….as if it was yesterday, or last week. For those of us that lost friends and family, the reality of that day hits home everyday that we wake up with an empty side of the bed, an extra seat at the dinner table, an empty spot on the sofa, a holiday gift with no recipient.

As we move along on our individual journeys as humans – from all over the world – my hope for us as an entity is that September 11th will be the last day of it’s kind. If you are in or anywhere near Malibu, I encourage you to take a trip to Pepperdine University to the 8th Annual Waves of Flags Display which begins on September 11. They install 3000 flags, representing all of the countries of the people who died in the attacks that day. It is a moving display to experience. For more information,

On Friday, I will spend an hour reflecting on what our country went through on and after that bleak day. On family and friends that were lost to so many of us. I wish peace and joy to you and your family.