Beautiful newer home for sale in Casablanca, Simi Valley, CA.

Are you looking to buy a home in Simi Valley? If you are, and you are looking for a gated community with all that living in Southern California has to offer – in addition to newer construction – you need to take a look at 2134 Clancy Ct, Simi Valley, CA 93065!

This home, built in 2002, is a stunning,well maintained home in Casablanca communityclancyfront. Original owners spared no expense when upgrading this home. Create memorable meals for your family in the inviting country kitchen with striking granite counters and white cabinetry. High-end hardwood adds warmth to the home as well as upgraded carpeting and travertine. The spaciousness of the home is enhanced by the natural light let in by 9 foot ceilings finished with crown moulding. Recessed lighting and chandeliers brighten the home in the evening hours. You will enjoy the quiet – and the energy efficiency of dual pane windows which are already adorned with custom treatments and blinds.


Ample storage is provided by the many built in cabinetries. There is storage in almost every room – including the garage! Some of the closets are cedar lined – including the large, walk-in master. This 3 bedroom home can easily convert to 5 bedrooms.

Do you enjoy entertaining outside? At this home, you can create memories with friends and family in the engaging backyard.clancylr It is truly an entertainer’s back yard. With plush, easy-to-maintain landscaping, Malibu lighting, fountains, and a large flagstone patio with cover – you will be looking for excuses to invite people over.

The community of Casablance has several amenities including a park with a sport court, play, and exercise areas, and barbeque pad. It is conveniently located close to newer shopping and restaurants.

For a virtual tour of this home, click here.

If you would like to see this home, I would be happy to schedule a showing for you. It is currently listed for $647,950 with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and 2229 square feet. In addition, I can assist you in acquiring this – or any other property in our area. Call me today at 661-312-7259 to set up an appointment or visit my website at to look at other homes available for sale in Simi Valley.

This home is currently listed with Kevin Joseph of Century 21 Hilltop.


Half of September is in the books……make changes today to end the month in a great way!

’30 Days hath September….April June and November….¨ That’s right people – September is halfway gone!

Want to shake things up? Right now?
Before Friday of this week – do one of the following:
1. Completely empty your car out – from glove box to the trunk – the whole thing. Don’t forget the pockets on the back of the seats, the weird little holes in the back seat doors, and underneath the seats.
2. Go to your closet and get rid of 15 pieces of clothing. Literally pull them out of the closet, take them off the hangar, and take them to the car immediately. Then drive to a shelter, the Salvation Army, the Goodwill donation site, a church, or one of those
“Drop Off Clothes Here” bins in a parking lot and be done with them immediately. (DO NOT put them in a pile near the door for the next time you go out. You know who you are….lol) Here are some helpful links:
3. Go and volunteer at a local food bank, a homeless shelter, or a animal shelter. Here in Simi Valley, the Samaritan Center works tirelessly towards helping homeless people and families get back on their feet. The Food Pantry always needs help at the local food bank.
The Ventura County Animal Shelter has a vibrant volunteer program as well.
So maybe you read this list of ideas and think to yourself, “How will this help me to sell more homes?” The reality of life is sometimes our minds are the biggest obstacle in our way to achieving success. We get so caught up in our own thoughts, our own problems, our own drama that our own thoughts interfere with building our business. One of the fastest ways to get out of your own head is to help others. It will refocus your energy, improve your outlook on your own life, and force you to follow your schedule.
On a practical note – if you want to make major changes to your online presence in an efficient, effective way – make sure you come to the Marathon Marketing Day at the Century 21 Hilltop Stearns office on September 24th from 9:00 until 3:00. The tools and structures covered work at any brokerage and with both real estate sales and vendors supporting REALTORS. You can either bring lunch or you can buy lunch from the Junkyard Cafe to support our Relay for Life team. I know it is a long day, but you will take a major leap ahead of where you are right now. This is open to agents from other offices and your best vendors as well. Bring your laptops. If you have an assistant – send your assistant. Make sure to RSVP so we can plan accordingly.
I look forward to seeing you there.

Reflecting on September 11…..Life, Love, and Remembrance

This Friday, as a nation and as individuals, we will share a heavy anniversary on September 11. Today, I want to share how proud I am to be in business with all of you. How happy I am to be a part of our larger REALTOR network through our co-brokers and our associations. How lucky I consider all of us to be in a country where people are free to own property, or lease property wherever they choose. A country where we are free to pursue the careers of our choosing, the hobbies of our choosing, and enjoy the Freedoms we have (which have come at such a precious cost).

In some ways, the events of September 11, 2001 feel like they happened a lifetime ago. As we recovered over the years, and developed scar tissue over the wounds inflicted, a distance of time and space occurred. Although there are times when it feels so fresh, so real….as if it was yesterday, or last week. For those of us that lost friends and family, the reality of that day hits home everyday that we wake up with an empty side of the bed, an extra seat at the dinner table, an empty spot on the sofa, a holiday gift with no recipient.

As we move along on our individual journeys as humans – from all over the world – my hope for us as an entity is that September 11th will be the last day of it’s kind. If you are in or anywhere near Malibu, I encourage you to take a trip to Pepperdine University to the 8th Annual Waves of Flags Display which begins on September 11. They install 3000 flags, representing all of the countries of the people who died in the attacks that day. It is a moving display to experience. For more information,

On Friday, I will spend an hour reflecting on what our country went through on and after that bleak day. On family and friends that were lost to so many of us. I wish peace and joy to you and your family.

Creating and Managing Your Database – the Key to Your Real Estate Sales Success

Do you know any real estate agents that always seem to have active listings, pending sales, and closings every month? Whether it is two per month or seven per month – they always just seem to have things going on. What sets them apart? They come into the office with confidence, a smile, an easy air as they go to their office and begin to make the magical calls, write the notes, and create the materials that seem to morph into production on a daily basis. How do they do this? And how can you create the same success for yourself as a REALTOR?

The key to consistent results for a real estate agent is simple (well, simple to say – complicated to create and execute at times!) – the key is your database. Not only to have a database – but to actually communicate with your database on a regular basis in a way that will be meaningful. Who should be in your database?A real estate agent should have an actual database of made up of past clients, friends and family, vendors who support your business, and owners of properties in the areas where you and your office have market share. Then, once you have created this database, your need to communicate with them on a regular basis through phone calls, note cards, market information, and real estate trends (to name a few).

As you all know – there are statistics for everything. Were you aware that as an agent, if you create a database that you communicate with on a consistent basis that you can reasonably expect a 10% return on your efforts? yes, you read that correctly. For every 100 people that you put into your database, and actually interact with regularly regarding real estate you can anticipate 10 homes sold. Are you doing the math in your head as you read this? If you want to sell 50 homes per year, you need to have 500 people in your database.

Now, obviously, the quality of the people in your database matter. Can you just go to the internet and randomly download 500 people and start talking at them? No. You want to take the time to add people that you know, that know you, and that you have at least a tenuous connection to either socially, professionally, or geographically.

So where do you start? Here is my foolproof starting point:

  1. Sit down with a legal pad and pen.
  2. Put on some of your favorite music and grab a cup of coffee.
  3. Write 1-100 down the side and middle of the legal pad.
  4. Start writing the names of everyone you know.

When you start, you want to go off of the top of your head. The people that jump to top of mind without any prompting from facebook, cell phones, or scanning email addresses are usually people that will be important to developing your business! Most people can come up with between 50-60 people without any prompting. Once you hit a roadblock, then scroll through your phone or facebook until you reach 100 people. This is your core group to start your database!

After you “go old school” with your legal pad and pen, it is time to go “new school” with your computer, and create the database. There are several options available to real estate professionals. Top Producer, Market Leader Pro, and You Don’t Need A CRM are three of my favorites. At Century 21 Hilltop, we provide a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) backed by Market Leader Pro for all of our agents just being part of our company. You can even use Outlook if you like; however, outlook is not customized to the real estate industry.

All of these programs have an option for importing a CSV (comma separated values) spreadsheet into their fields to give you a quick start. Even if you can import the CSV, you will want to add additional information to customize each person’s profile. Here are some ways to get started:

  1. Set a target for entering 1-2 people each day four days per week, and 10 people on the fifth day.
  2. Set aside one afternoon per week for a month and add as many people as possible in a three hour sprint.
  3. Hire a teenager or college intern to create it for you (pay per profile not per hour – you will be amazed how quicky it will be created and how complete!

You have to approach this as if you are training for a marathon OR conversely, attempting to lose 50 pounds. Slow and steady wins the race. And doing a little bit everyday will bring you better results than doing it one day every three months.

What information should you add to each person’s profile?

  1. Name
  2. Mailing address
  3. Phone numbers
  4. email
  5. Property addresses of homes owned
  6. Spouse (create a separate profile for each owner that you know)
  7. Any businesses owned
  8. Any charities involved with
  9. Notations on any referrals they have already given you
  10. children and pets
  11. Anniversary date of the PURCHASE of their current home
  12. Birthday

One date that I advise avoiding is marriage anniversary. One never knows what is happening behind the scenes in that regard.

Give yourself a deadline for having the first 100 people added into your database within the next two months. Follow our blog to receive the information automatically via email. Thank you so much for stopping by our blog – I hope that you enjoyed it.

September 1, 2015 is here. Where is your real estate business?

The air is turning crisp (well, maybe just in our imaginations!), the kids are back in school, and you are starting to look for pumpkin flavored items at your favorite coffee shop…….September is here!

Now is the time to start thinking about the end of 2015. There is still time to meet or exceed your goals. There is still time to kickstart your production if it is not where you want it to be so far this year. There is still work to be done.
In the next week, why don’t you set aside one day to do your own mini reboot?
1. Pull out your business plan for this year, review it, revise it, and recommit.
2. Pull up your calendar. Look at it with a fresh eye. Are you actually following it more often than not? Does it support your goals and dreams? Does it make you feel powerful and free – or constricted and like a failure? Make your schedule a part of your support team – not your circle of negative thoughts.
3. Review your lead generation strategies. Are you doing enough to reach your goals? As a fairly consistent rule of thumb for people that have been in the business more than three years – you will sell as many houses as contacts you make per day. How many contacts are you making?
4. Write a letter to the one person that you know needs a letter from you. We all know who that person is. If you don’t – think again. Write an open letter, a heartfelt letter, and mail it.
Finish the day by doing one or more of the following:
1. Go for a long walk/hike with your cell phone turned off. Walk for at least one hour. Be at peace.
2. Watch a movie alone from this list – ‘Rudy’, ‘Pursuit of Happyness’, ‘Remember the Titans’, ‘the Blind Side’, ‘October Sky’, ‘the Theory of Everything’, ‘The Green Mile’, ‘Yes Man’, ‘Shawshank Redemption’, ‘Gladiator’, or ‘Rocky’.
3. Create a new dream board or dream book for yourself incorporating your personal and professional goals.
Finish this year in a powerful way. At Century 21 Hilltop, we support our agents in developing their business and reaching their own goals. Through technology, training (both live and online), and masterminds, we help agents discover their own strengths and refine their skills to grow. Let us know how we can help you – and in turn – your clients. Call 310-909-6769 to schedule your confidential business consultation today.